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Did you know that without the right planning, HM Revenue & Customs can become the single largest beneficiary of your estate following your death?  Don’t worry – we're in your corner.

How can Honey help me?

  • A variety of products are available to give you complete control of your estate.
  • Our experts* can help you reduce tax and maximise the wealth you pass on to your children and loved ones.
  • We can help you to write a Will that is tailor made to suit your estate and personal circumstances.
  • Exemptions can be explored that could help to reduce your tax liability.
  • Gifts - if you can afford to give away some of the assets you own, it may be possible to reduce the size of your estate.  Did you know that any legacies that donors give to charity are exempt from inheritance tax?
  • Life Insurance - although it will not reduce the tax liability, the proceeds could be used to help pay the bill upon death.  
  • Trusts - if structured carefully, a Trust could help to reduce or possibly even eliminate your IHT liability.  Trust options can be discussed on an individual basis following in depth tax advice from one of our partners.

These issues can be extremely complex - let our experts* help you find the right solutions for your needs.

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* We work with a number of specialist external partners, who can review your individual circumstances and help plan for inheritance tax. We do not provide this advice directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

With our vast experience in estate planning, we aim to be able to answer all your questions in a way that everyone will understand.

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