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Securing your family’s future

At Honey we believe that everyone should have a Will.  It is the only way that you can have a say over what happens to your assets when you die yet *2 out of 3 Britons still don’t have a Will.  Honey are here to help put this right.

Why do I need a Will?

  • To have complete control of what happens to your assets when you die.
  • To ensure your family, friends and any dependents have the security they deserve.
  • To be able to make a donation to a charity or good cause of your choice.

What happens if I don’t have one?

  • Without a Will, your assets will be divided according to the law, which may not meet your wishes.
  • If you’re married with children, your spouse may not automatically inherit everything you own.
  • Instead, your assets may be divided between your spouse and your children.
  • If you are not married, your partner may not get any of your assets.

How can Honey help?

  • A personal and professional Will writing service.
  • Our trained Consultants are here for you and will visit you in your own home.
  • We are able to guide you through the whole process from taking instructions for your Will right through to signing and storing the final document.

*Source: BBC News

**For further details on the level of insurance, please speak to one of our advisors.

For any additional information contact Honey by calling us on 0800 9500 700 to arrange a free, no obligation initial consultation at a time convenient to you and your loved ones, in the comfort of your own home.

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